Day 42: O Pedrouzo to Santiago de Compostela – the end of my Camino

Early mist became very light rain and most people were wearing ponchos to keep themselves and their packs dry.

The rural theme continued for much of this day’s walking. After about 8km the way was close to the Santiago airport and aircraft could be heard but not seen due to the thick mist.

I stopped several times, once for lunch and once at about the 10km point to farewell some Canadians whom I met several weeks back.

After they departed for the airport I resumed walking the remaining 10km to Santiago. I arrived at the cathedral at about 6 pm. I posted a picture to my Spanish radio friends letting them know I had arrived in Santiago. Then I received a message from one of them who was in Santiago. I went back and forth between the chat and a translation app to let him know where I was. He turned up in the square next to the cathedral and we chatted as much as we could. My Spanish is not up to such complicated conversations but we managed. Then he offered to guide me to my hotel and even carried my backpack. What a guy! Thanks so much to Quique ea1dfp for your help.

Distance walked about 21km. Distance to Santiago: zero.

For the entire Camino: total distance 778 km less 40 km when I took a bus from Leon to Astorga, 4 km taking a taxi to the next town when there was no accommodation and 10 km from Alto Poio to Tricastella (originally omitted). Net distance walked: 724km over 38 days (after deducting 5 rest days, two of which were for radio operations on hilltops). Daily average 19 km.

More lovely forest to walk through in the mist
This may be for approach lights for the main runway at Santiago airport
If you find this cat and it is still in good working order, please return it
Mist and rain
Muddy walking
Monument to pilgrims at Monte do Gozo
Over passing the highway and railway entering Santiago
First glimpse of the cathedral
Pano view in the cathedral square
Quique EA1DFP saw my notification to the EA SOTA group about arriving at the cathedral and rushed down there to meet me and have this photo taken. Brightness modified using photoshop express on the iPhone.


  1. Well done Andrew like many before you and many to come after, you have walked the Camino Frances
    I’ll miss checking out your progress every morning Sydney time while having my early morning cuppa Cheers Roger
    PS Just call it 800 klms sounds better than 780 minus bus and taxi


  2. Congratulations Andrew it is a great feeling when you arrive at Santiago, it was for me – and also a little bit of a letdown- you have arrived and this particular journey is over – well done
    Rik VK3EQ – sorry for the late note- been Sotaing with VK3PF


  3. When you wrote your distance, you accurately deducted 40kms for the bus to Astorga and 4kms for the first taxi. BUT!!! You forgot to deduct kms for the taxi to Triacastela!


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