Day 40: Melide to Azura

Light rain, not much more than mist, made it cool and rather pleasant to walk for the first hour or two. The number of walkers seemed to be less than on previous days though once the weather became warmer that seemed to change and the paths were crowded with walkers.

A couple from Sri Lanka thanked me for suggesting a treatment to prevent toe blisters several days earlier. I gave them the benefit of my experience with the compeed lubricant, when we had talked just before arriving at Portomarin several days ago.

The countryside I’m travelling through is green,damp and cool. It’s much more comfortable walking than it was two to four weeks back.

There are several markers like this every kilometre, most are daubed with graffiti too
Corn everywhere
Recommended to try this dish: cheese and membrillo ( queso de Azura con membrillo) a good combination if you like cheese and fruit.


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