Day 39: Portos to Melide

During the day, the way periodically wound through forested areas but was for some time alongside the road. I much prefer the forest as the surface is usually softer soil or gravel rather than concrete paths often found beside the road.

One advantage of being out of “sync” with the usual stages is that you are not competing with the surge of walkers that rushes from one end of the usual stage to the next. They walk faster than I do and anyway many of them have booked beds or rooms in advance. By stopping at points in between the suggested stage ends some of that pressure is relieved.

I decided after a very interrupted sleep the previous night that a private room was essential for the next night. So I used the app Buen Camino to identify some hotels in Melide to try for what I wanted.

Using the Spanish learned from the podcast “Coffee Break Spanish”, I booked a room at a hotel for €35. Arriving at the hotel later I braced myself for difficulties but no problem, the reservation was good and I was soon relaxing in a tiny but warm shower.

Walking around Melide later I found a pleasant town with lots of pilgrim accommodation of various types and many cafes and bars. I found an unexpected restaurant called Brooklyn Burgers, and enjoyed a burger there.

After this day’s walking I was about 54 km from Santiago. Three more days to go.

In Palas de Rei
Peaceful setting for a mid morning coffee
This was about 15cm or 6” diameter
A walker clowning around
Near Melide
Near Melide
Near Melide

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