Day 38: Portomarín to Portos

The full stage according to Brierly’s book was to Palas de Reis (Palace of kings?) and was over 24km but when I reached Portos and found a bed available there I decided to stop. That was 20 km anyway.

It was very noticeable today that the number of walkers has markedly increased, perhaps three times the number who had been walking before Sarria.

They were identifiable in several ways: new backpacks, jackets and some new shoes. And travelling in groups, some even with support from a van providing rest stops with drinks and luggage services.

The accommodation I stayed at in Portomarín had its entry foyer full of packs and suitcases to be transported to the end of the stage. In previous stages the number of bags being transported was less than five. This time it was more like twenty five and they weren’t just backpacks. There were some seriously large travel cases. What were these people doing with so much stuff in a week of walking? Such thoughts occur to someone carrying everything on their backs. (But such comments are not intended to be critical, just reflective. )

Food outlets for mid morning and lunch stops were also crowded with queues for service. A vast difference from how it had been in the 700km before Sarria.

The weather forecast

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