Day 37: Vilei to Portomarín

Cool weather at first and possible rain at the end of the day. An influx of additional walkers swelled numbers by a factor of 3 or 4. Portomarín is a city with modern buildings surrounding a very old church. Apparently it was moved up the hill when the water reservoir was created.

The extra walkers made it necessary to delay the lunch stop. All the coffee stops and food outlets were noticeably more busy than they had been before Sarria.

I joined some other walkers for a meal at an Italian themed restaurant.

91 km to Santiago

Cows remained bored
Veg garden with huge pumpkins or squash
Portomarín in the distance
Bridge at Portomarín over reservoir
St John church at Portomarín
The square featuring the church, rebuilt after the original town location was submerged by a recently built reservoir. I didn’t realise till later that the panoramic view function had compressed the person walking across from right to left.

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