A visit to Manly beach, Sydney

The day before was to leave on my Spanish trip, we visited Manly. Travelling over from Circular Quay in the CBD, on one of the standard ferries that services the thousands of daily commuters on this trip, I noticed some sailing boats competing on a racing course, which brought back memories of doing that ourselves in our much smaller dinghy.

The weather was perfect and the harbour waters were calm with only a few minor ripples from a westerly wind that rare reached 10 kt wind (est). At Manly, we walked down the corso, stopping several times to browse the shops and have a drink. Finally we decided on a meal at a restaurant, which was excellent. Barramundi, sweet potato chips and salad.

The view on Manly beach

We took the ferry back to Circular Quay and then the train back to the airport. A very nice way to spend a day in Sydney before an overseas adventure.

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