Day 5: Larasoana to Pamplona

At €8 per night the alburgue municipal was certainly cheap but with two double bunks in a small room it was crowded. To walk past bunk 1 to get to bunk 2, you had to close the window then reopen it. The window was wide open all night to try to cool the room down. It did eventually cool a bit.

With one of the roommates getting up at 4am and departing at just after 5, I was awake quite early. At 6 there seemed to be a general move towards departing at 7.

The 7 am departure turned into 7:15 which was a few minutes before dawn. (Spain is on the wrong time zone).

Walking seems to work better if breakfast is eaten after an hour’s walk. The way followed roughly alongside a road and led eventually to a very welcome cafe where most walkers ordered some food and coffee. I had coffee, a croissant and a nectarine which was delicious.

Arriving at Zuriain

I had a very satisfying and surprising experience just after leaving Zuriain. Thinking I overheard a couple of about my age remarking on the food in English, I caught their eye and commented that I really liked the fruit being sold at these cafes. But I was mistaken, they were French and explained apologetically that their English was very limited. I decided to take the plunge and attempt some French. I said “ma Francais est tres horrible, merci pour parlent Anglais” and was greeted with a huge smile and more French, some of which I understood. I told them I had studied French at school 54 years ago and had (long pause) forgotten many words. Then an attempt at a Dad joke in French. I said I had forgotten the word for “forgotten”. J’ai oublié le mot pour “oublier”. They were gracious enough to laugh at that. A little experiment in recalling French language. I was very pleased with that.

I then started to wonder what is the French for “remember”. That I had forgotten.

Shortly after that i was making my phone call home and speaking with my wife and son and his girlfriend. I knew she was fluent in several languages so I asked her to remind me. And I did recognise it, one of the reflexive verbs se souvenir, it all came back. How amazing.

Often I was asked to take photos for people wanting to pose next to a building or a scene. Sometimes I ask them to take my photo and in some pics one of the couple poses with me.

At Zabaldika

Closer to Pamplona and around 2pm I stopped for a cold drink and to rest my feet. It was about 5km from Pamplona.

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