Day 11: Viana to Navarette

Left Viana just after 7, winding through the town and in some cases unable to see the way markings which are sometimes in obscure places high on buildings, low on stone walls or on the pavement. Sunrise was about 7:45 but at 7:15 there was enough light to walk and navigate.

Writing several days afterwards it is sometimes difficult to recall which event or scenery was on which day. I think it would be almost impossible a week or a month later. The photos are fortunately date ordered.

To upload photos it is much more efficient to cut them down in pixels before inserting them into the WordPress page. This I am doing with an app Batch Resize and I place the processed photos into a separate folder to distinguish them from the originals. Some parts of the process are messy but it is workable. This is all being done in the iPhone. Some photos are imported from the Pentax Optio.

Leaving Viana
Crossing the highway
I stopped to smell the roses
Crossing the rover at Logrono
And… welcome to Logrono
Church at Logrono
Pilgrims in the square at Logrono.
This pilgrim towing his camping gear and clothing while managing his dogs too
The big wine bottle of Navarette

In this area there were many vineyards. Some grapes were on the ground after pruning to promote flavour in the remaining grapes I guess.


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