Day 14: Santo Domingo to Belorado

This section started out as a slow rise but became a series of hills and descents. There was not much shade in this section apart from when passing buildings. The track surface was again a mix of loose gravel, stones, some asphalt and even some concrete.

At 23km I was ready to stop so I checked into the Albergue Municipal at Belorado. Walking around town I found a cool drink in the main square. Shopping in the supermarket for some fruit I saw Kitty, one of the Canadians I had met earlier but had not kept up their pace. Apparently her friend Ruby had tripped on some uneven concrete and had injured her knee. It was painful and difficult to walk on. (Edit: I discovered several days later that this was actually a fractured bone and the leg was put into a cast. She had to use taxis and buses from that point onwards and was extremely disappointed.)

Although today’s walk passed through several small towns none seemed to have a cafe except the first and that was set up in a small van. I thought there may be more cafes further on but as it turned out, the next cafe I saw was in Belorado.

Dawn (Looking back at it after leaving Santo Domingo)
Redecilla de Camino
That’s a haystack
There’s a road down there

The Brierley guide says that the distance to Santiago is now 543 km.

Distance so far: 235 km. Today’s stage was 22 km.

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