Day 26: in Leon

Today I took a break from walking and looked at the scenery.

I first sorted through my backpack and made a pile of stuff I hadn’t used yet and would probably not use. I took it to the post office (Correos) and posted it to myself at Santiago. Should have done this earlier. 1.5kg off my back.

The I met with a radio contact, Juan. He took me to a cafe for lunch with two other locals. It was a great meal and very enjoyable chatting with these interesting people.

In the cathedral


  1. We posted stuff home to lighten the load – took us several days to find a post office that was open – a little less weight makes all the difference- Rik


    • Oh yeah it does. My intentions to have the radio gear with me and have some contacts at various places are laughable now! I posted that forward from Pamplona. I am hoping 1.5 kg makes a difference to me.


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