Day 17: Burgos to Tardajos

I had spent the night in a quiet and comfortable hotel room for only €40 so I was late to start doing anything. Breakfast was available for €8 which was ideal for me. While I was in the dining area, Vince and Janine walked past. He is riding the Camino and she is walking. We talked about our plans for the day. They were going to visit the Museum of Human Evolution. Then they would walk and ride the first 10km or so of the next stage.

That sounded like a plan I could adopt too. So I went to the museum and found a very modern exhibition showing many fascinating displays, video clips and photographs of various artefacts. There were three floors (maybe four which I skipped as I thought it was delaying my departure too much).

Overall I thought it was the most interesting museum I had ever visited. I want to come back and have a longer time to absorb it. I found Vince and Janine there too. We agreed it was a very good exhibition.

I went back to the hotel and took my backpack out into the street to get ready for walking. Sunglasses, sunblock, hat, water bottle topped up, etc.

The I heard a voice behind me calling my name. It was Johnny, one of a group of four Swedish walkers who I had first chatted with for a few km about 50km earlier. It turned out that they had been quite close to my path for the last four or five days. We had a very nice chat about what we had done since the last time we met.

After farewelling him and his friend, I was asked by an English voice whether the hotel offered discounts for pilgrims. It was an English man who said we met several days earlier. I didn’t remember him but he told me what he thought of the cricket result any way. (Australia had retained the Ashes). We had a few words and laughed about the cricket and the politics around Brexit in the UK then we said farewells and parted.

Then a man who was in the bed next to mine at St Juan de Ortega came up to me and wished me well. I mixed him up with the man on the lower bunk who was Andrew but he corrected me and said his name was Mike.

Finally I walked out of Burgos along the sparsely marked path which eventually led out of the city.

Eventually the city gave way to country roads and paths through farmlands.

The heat was back. Despite being at 900+ metres above sea level, it was hot. Maybe it was only 25-27 C but it sure seemed hot.

I stopped under one of the highway overpasses to be in the shade and have a drink of water. A couple of walkers arrived soon after and asked if I was ok. I assured them I was. A few hundred km later, a police car cruised up to me and stopped next to me. “Is everything ok”, they asked. I assured them all was ok and they moved on to the next walkers.

Later I watched the tv news and saw reports of flooding and how over 150 people had been rescued in the affected area, on the southeast coast of Spain.

I hoped it would not migrate northwards.

Next to the museum this load of dinosaurs was being unloaded.
One of the dinosaurs was unloaded by a forklift and a woman walking across the plaza was almost hit by the tail of the monster. She was grinning. A man pointed out the cones she should have observed. I had also not seen them.
On the coffee break Spanish course one of the shops visited was an “estanco” and I noticed that sign on one as I walked down the road to the museum. I visited one to buy postage stamps. “Dos Sellos por Australia”
I visited this exhibition next to the museum
The three book written by Charles Darwin. One of the exhibits at the museum of human development In Burgos, Spain.
Read the white lettering if you can. Designed to make photos less useful I think.
Looking towards the cathedral from outside the museum. Worlds collide.
Sign pointing to the tourist info centre supposed to be 20m away.
So If you walk 20m, you find this. is this the info centre? No. Just a park bench.
It’s actually over there, about 50m from the sign
Random views in the city
Here’s a quiz. What turns on the water? The lever on the left operates the drinking fountain. It is the button on the Ground on the right that operates the water from the main outlet. Refilled my water bottle here once I worked that out.
The park where the bridge crosses the river. Very peaceful.
One of many old churches seen
This fellow has a big tower and very low loss cables for antennas
This means I have walked 778-501 =277 km so far. Only 501 to go. There was no sign at 500 km.

The point where I will have walked 300 km should occur in two days from here if I walk 12 km then about 20 the next day.


  1. Thank you Andrew, I will follow your blog daily, hope you are having a wonderful time. Looks and sounds very interesting. Cheers ….. Garry VK2GAZ


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