Day 21: Villarmentero de Campos to Calzaldilla de la Cuesta: passing the halfway point

Highlights of today were the cool start which was so comfortable to walk in for the first few hours (10 km) then the 17km stage containing just one food or refreshments stop. The temperature came up to about 27C which was not as easy to walk in due to the contrast with the recent cool weather.

Before the end of the walking today the distance walked edged over 390km. Halfway to Santiago!

The sunflower becoming a Camino arrow sign
This woman said her pack weighed 15kg. She walked faster than I did. And wearing flip flops. I felt somewhat inadequate but otoh she was much younger than me.

The ground seems like a stone garden. Smooth river stones. Wonder where they came from. Was this once a flood plain?
A cloud shows the way ahead.

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