Day 22: Calzaldilla de la Cuesta to San Nicholas del Real Camino

Another cool start that turned into a very warm day. The Camino is tracking the N-120 highway again, though it weaves in and out of every town to give the walkers the most chance of visiting cafes and considering their accommodation options, depending on the time of day. If you walked along the highway it would be a bit shorter in places though that isn’t as safe as the Camino pathway.

When walking on roads likely to have car and truck traffic I walk on the left to be facing the oncoming traffic. On the Camino where only walkers and cyclists will be likely I walk on the right. (Australian readers: remember traffic goes on the right here).

As I expect to be having a rest day in Léon on Sunday I don’t need to walk more than about 15 km per day this week.

The alburgue I stopped at had only one other guest until about 9pm when two additional people arrived.

Resting cooling and airing the feet

Distance to go now 375km.

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