Day 23: San Nicholas to Bercianos

Started out at 6:45 this time. Thinking it would be good to walk in the cool. It was, but the rain overnight made it necessary to dodge a few puddles and mud.

The sunrise looking back to the east was very nice I thought.

Arriving at Sahagun the question was where to find a coffee. With that solved the next question was where is an atm?

My Coffee Break Spanish course came in handy. I asked at the cafe “Hay un Banco por aqui?” (Is there a bank near here).

And was told “segundo a la derecha” (second on the right).

After departing Sahagún I had a chat with my wife on FaceTime and caught up with happenings back home.

After a route decision point I caught up with Mike from the USA and we chatted about some tech work he had done recently. And we talked a bit about how some radio hams still use Morse code and the abbreviations used to save time.

This business in Sahagún has a name my kids give me sometimes. Electric Dad.

Approaching Bercianos I saw a modern building with albergue signs so I decided 18 km was a good place to stop. It turned out to be one of the best setups I had stayed in so far.

In Bercianos
Main Street in siesta time

357km to Santiago

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