Day 28: a radio day in the mountains north of Léon

I was taken by Juan into the mountains north east of Léon for some amateur radio activity in the Summits on the Air program.

After showing me a summit that appeared to be a spike in the air Juan said that was the one we were going to. A forest walk led to wooden steps followed by sections with chain on one side. After reaching a peak we went down the other side a bit then climbed up the actual peak.

There were some construction materials there which was a work in progress. Anchors were concreted into the rock. A platform was being constructed for some purpose. But the workers were not there and we had the narrow summit to ourselves.

We both logged contacts around Europe, mostly in Spain but including several in the UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Belgium, France, Italy and Hungary.

Finally we packed up and climbed down. Then we went to look at the amazing mountains further along the road. Most of my photos are on my camera and I have not transferred those yet.

We stopped for coffee at a town deep in the mountains.

On the way back to Léon we drove up a mountain where the radio club has a repeater station and other services. Four club members were there to meet us and help set up the antenna.

More contacts were made again around Europe and they will be able to claim contacts with another summit. About 20 contacts this time including friends in the UK and in Pamplona, Spain.

The group all stopped for a cool drink on the way back to Léon.

A great day playing radio in the mountains.

Thanks again to Juan for his hospitality and for taking a day off work to make this trip.

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