Day 29: a bus to Astorga then a walk to El Ganso

After the day of playing radio and looking at amazing mountains it was time to resume the main game: walking the Camino.

Dividing the remaining 310km by about 14 it was clear that over 20km per day would the necessary average, possibly as high as 25km if I wanted to arrive in Santiago before the last practical day. The actual dates don’t matter but it was better to bite the bullet now and blow 40km away in a bus trip. So I headed down to the bus station and bought a ticket for Astorga.

At 11:30 sharp the bus doors closed and off we went. It is a strange thing passing walkers/pilgrims in a bus, while thinking that could have been me. But an hour later the bus pulled in to Astorga bus station and I collected my pack from the bus and headed over to the green grass in front of the cathedral.

I wasn’t sure where I would walk that day but knew I needed to get some miles into the legs. Eventually I stopped in a very small town where there were only a few accommodation options and about there same number of food outlets. It was about 12 km from Astorga which was a good distance for an afternoon following a three day break. The slightly lighter pack seemed to be better, no back pain noticed.

Gaudi the architect is remembered through this seated statue in plaza Santo Domingo, Leon
Wait for your turn / at the bus terminal in Léon

The building next to the cathedral in Astorga.

The cathedral in Astorga
A welcome sign
At the front of the cathedral
Radar is everywhere
Church tower has new functions

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