Day 30: El Ganso to El Acebo

A late start and late finish. A coffee, some yoghurt and a banana for breakfast before setting out westward.

It was cool and windy, I wondered if my choice of clothing was adequate. As the sun rose behind me I warmed up and the arm action using walking poles also helps to warm up.

One of the milestones on this day was the “Cruz Ferro” or iron cross. It is a cross about 75cm in height mounted on a tall wooden pole like an electricity pole. There is a small chapel nearby. Several walking and cycling pilgrims stopped to take photos and I got my photo taken that way.

There is a tradition observed by some in which people bring a stone from home to place on an enormous pile surrounding the cross. Some stones are marked with names or religious quotes.

After the iron cross it was 4-5 km to the next named village it it turned out to be virtually one inhabitable building which had a bar and some accommodation. As it was just after 5 it seemed better to continue walking the 7km to El Acebo. The view from the mountains looking westward was great and the city of Ponferrada was clearly visible.

At El Acibo there was a choice of albergues and as the ads for the Casa del Peregrino showed a swimming pool and a spa, that seemed a good option. It turned out to have comfortable beds, 8 to a room and clean showers etc. but the spa and pool would have cost more than the overnight accommodation. So the pool was nice to look at but no swimming in the cold mountain water. Still, a good night’s sleep was welcome.

Approx 222 km to Santiago.

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