Day 32: Ponferrada to Villafranca del Bierzo

Leaving Ponferrada
Leaving Ponferrada
After Camponaraya the Way again passes through vineyards. White grapes now. This farmer and his kids were handing out bunches of grapes to pilgrims from his tractor and trailer
A food stall near this stream sold hamburgers in various styles and freshly made fruit smoothies. This was lunch. I didn’t try the hammock.
Grapes again
Street views in Cacabelos
Art or what?
A welcome sight. The sign I mean.
To energise pilgrims these wires are located above the way. They also provide diversions from the usual photos of landscapes and mountain views.
Valtuille de Arriba. A very quiet town
Here’s a lovely project for the handyman. First to see will buy.
Nearing Villafranca
The castle at Villafranca

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