Day 33: Villafranca to Ruitelan

Most of this day’s walking was in a series of valleys with the Way next to the road or actually on the road. The scenery was always beautiful for someone who likes mountains covered with lush green foliage. Often the way was next to the stream running down the valley and various waterfalls could be heard.

I set out at 8am and it was about 7C then. During the morning it warmed up to around 15 and when I reached Ruitelan it was closer to 20c but there was a light misty rain falling then. I had walked 20km by then so I had met my goal for the day. The first alburgue found at Ruitelan had a private room available so I stopped for the night.

Progress early in the day
The bike storage seen at Trabadelo is unique
This vegetable seen at Vega del Valcarce was about 35-40 cm in diameter. That’s 14-16”
looking back at Vega del Valcarce
At Vega del Valcarce
In the garden at the albergue at Ruitelan
Dinner at the albergue

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