Day 35: Alto de Poio to Samos

Leaving the building housing the accommodation I was confronted with the fact that it was raining. A surprise as I had heard nothing to indicate that.

For several reasons it seemed better to take a car down to Triacastila and the 10 or 12 minutes that took was well worth while. The taxis in this part of Spain are configured as people movers so five shared the trip cost. One from Denmark, one from Montreal, two from Massachusetts USA and one from Oz.

The rain in Triacastila was long gone so I was optimistic for continuing to walk. I decided to walk the 9-10 km to Menos. It was a very quiet walk through pleasant country.

I got a good room at the hotel which promised a quiet night.

About 128 km to Santiago.

Work under way next to the road. This will support a walkway to get pedestrians off the side of the road. The section next to the road is several km long. This will make it safer.
This gave the impression of walking through a private backyard. Halfway through there was an empty (discarded?) coin operated snack dispenser.
Tractor pic #1 a Lamborghini
Tractor #2 John Deere
Tractor 3 a Massey Ferguson
Tractor 4 John Deere
Another tractor #5
Caution: chooks. They have right of way.
Caution: slugs
Another view of the monastery at Samos
Pano view of monastery from the road opposite

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